Vintage Online Vision Board Canva Template


Aesthetic Vision Board Wallpaper for your Ipad, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop.

– Drop and drag images to create a beautiful collage of the things you love most.
– The easiest way to visualize your goals.
– Beautiful Aesthetic Layout
– Zodiac & Inspirational Digital Stickers
– 4 Digital Quotes

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Create your own custom online vision board canva template that is an easy-to-use online tool.

The hard part is done. Grab this inspirational template with quotes that will inspire you to dream big and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

You can also choose from thousands of images on the web, or upload your own photos for free!

This manifestation board is geared to help busy people like yourself find time to focus on their goals and create a vision board without stress.

This digital version makes it easier than ever before because all the work has already been done for you!


Save time with a beautiful template that was created for you
• Skip the hassles of figuring out how to make your vision board online – all of that is done for you
• Layout is beautifully designed to keep you motivated
• Manifest more goals and more money with this easy to use ‘done-for-you’ product


#1 A FREE account

#2 Inspiration


♥ What size is the vintage templates?

The template is in cm to fit 1920x 1080 pixel (16:9) which scales to fit most desktop and laptop screens. Because screen size varies, please move elements as needed.

♥ Are the photos shown included in my purchase?

It depends. If you already have Canva Pro (I recommend their 30-day trial) ; then the images will ALL be free.  Otherwise, they still have a large stock of free photos without watermarks for those without Pro. Or you can also upload your own images free!.

♥ Are the fonts included in my purchase?

The fonts are included, but there are many other free font options in Canva and Google Fonts. The templates have fonts, but you can change them if you like.

♥ I am not a Canva user. Would it be hard for me to use it?

No, it will not be difficult because the template is dropped and drag. And if you have any questions I am here to assist you.

♥ Are there instructions to help me use the template?

Yes, there is a page dedicated to using the template.


Immediately after you’ve placed your order, you’ll be able to access your digital download!

Also, the link will open in the attached PDF that gives you everything you’ll need to get started! You can easily customize your fonts, text, photos, colors, and more, all to match your preferences!

*For personal use only

♡ This is a digital download and I am unable to provide a refund once a file has been purchased. If you have questions feel free to ask me prior to purchasing. For Canva’s system glitches, errors, or saving issues, please consult with Canva

♡ This is my Canva template sharing Canva links using Canva’s team feature is strictly forbidden. User access will be removed if team use is detected, followed by DMCA notices and legal action, and no refund will be given. Only the purchaser may access purchased files


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