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  • Sale! i am manifestation journal pdf with prompts12 universal laws 7-12

    I am Manifesting Journal PDF + Prompts (Digital)

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    The I AM Manifesting Journal (Digital) is a guided workbook to help you create your most intentional and successful year.

    This digital workbook is a PDF formatted, and can be used directly on your computer, tablet, or choose to print it out on paper.

    With 88+ pages of questions & exercises for law of attraction, goal-setting, and accountability, it’s a tool to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

    The journal includes:

    ✔️ A “Manifestation Map” to help you visualize & plan your goals
    ✔️ 80+ pages manifestation journal pdf
    ✔️Visualization techniques to attract your ideal partner by helping you understand how to focus on bringing positive energy into your life.
    ✔️ Manifestation Prompts included
    ✔️ 369 Method Affirmation Cards
    ✔️ Money Magnet Check
    ✔️ Daily Gratitude, Motivation Quotes, Productive Sheet + More


  • Aesthetic Vision Boardblack aesthetic vision board

    Aesthetic Vision Board Template ( Canva )


    Aesthetic Vision Board Template that can be edited on Canva to fit your dreams. Upload your own photos, change the color and add inspirational vision board stickers to customize your board. Easy drop and drag with detailed instructions so you can easily complete your vision board.

  • Sale!

    Monthly Intention Sheets

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    The Monthly Intention Sheet is a strategy for documenting and tracking our intentions for each month. It’s where we write down what we want to manifest or accomplish in the upcoming weeks.

     But it’s not just about writing down our intentions and forgetting about them until the end of the month. The real power of the Monthly Intention Sheet lies in its ability to guide us towards our goals through a balanced approach.

    By using this tool, we are able to combine both the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. The masculine energy is associated with focus, determination, and action, while the feminine energy represents intuition, creativity, and flow.

  • Sale! organize your time block scheduletime blocking printable

    Day Blocking // Time Blocking Planner Printable

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    Make the most out of your day with a day blocking printable. You want to get things done without falling into being busy, overworked, and burnout. Create space and ease in your day by setting up with moments of calm and creativity.

  • anatole frank positive affirmation wall decoranatole frank positive affirmation wall art

    Daily Affirmations Quote Printable LOA Wall Art (Anatole France Quote)


    To Accomplish Great Things, We Must not only Act But Also Dream; Not only Plan But also Believe
    Printable Wall Art to hang on your wall for constant daily positive affirmations. Your mind is powerful, and staying in a positive state of mind can allow manifestation to happen quicker. Keep your vibrations high and watch the law of attraction work for you with ease.

  • luxe modern vision board

    Luxe Digital Vision Board


    Modern Luxe  Fashion Vision Board Template

    Do you want to create a vision board but don’t have time to create a physical board?

    Or you don’t like the idea of wasting paper and would love a way to stay inspired without printing images and quotes.

    My goal is to make it easier for people like you to find inspiration in their everyday lives so they can live happier, healthier, wealthier lives.

    So why not start creating your vision board today?

    It only takes a few minutes and we promise it will be worth it!

    A vision board is only powerful if you are manifesting it and continuously looking at it.

  • vintage online vision board canva templatevintage dream board

    Vintage Online Vision Board Canva Template


    Aesthetic Vision Board Wallpaper for your Ipad, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop.

    – Drop and drag images to create a beautiful collage of the things you love most.
    – The easiest way to visualize your goals.
    – Beautiful Aesthetic Layout
    – Zodiac & Inspirational Digital Stickers
    – 4 Digital Quotes